Shot In The Head – Malala – Will Change The World

Fourteen Year Old Girl Stands Up To Taliban


Malala Yousafzai just wanted an education. Her father is a teacher so I would bet that his own education had a great influence on Malala. Becuas of her desire to learn, Malala defied the Taliban. The Taliban sent someone to kill here. She was shot in the head, but through a series of miraculous happenings, she survived and recovered.

She Just Wanted An Education

She was riding on a bus that takes children to and from school when a member of the Taliban stepped on board the bus. Malala was the only one on the vehicle who did not have her face covered. She was easily spotted by the gunman. He took aim and fired his gun.

Malala just wanted an education. There was no intent to start anything – except instruction for girls and women. What the gunman did not know was that Malala’s plight and story set off a world-wide reaction. He, the gunman, helped spark a renewed call for, at least, learning for girls and women.

He did not know that his action caused a new moment to begin rolling. (In a sense, this lone shooter, one person, also changed the world.)

Now Malala Has Written A Book

From her experiences and will, Malala has penned I Am Malala. It chronicles her story and her struggles and her dream of education for all the girls of the earth.

Perhaps we in the West take education for girls and women for granted. We believe it is a given; no one questions it any more. But this is not the case in the Middle East where in many countries women are still repressed and denied such basic rights as education.

Of course, the suppression of females’ rights and opportunities doesn’t begin or end with education. That is not within the scope of this blog, however. I am talking about one person who has already changed the world. So much so that she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – one of the youngest persons ever to be so nominated.

Meeting With U.S. First Family

Meeting With U.S.
First Family

In Other Words, She Has Already Changed The World

I doubt that she set out to do it, but done it she has. Her personal charm and humility have wooed audiences everywhere. Even Queen Elizabeth II asked Malala to be received. (Malala got the giggles over a joke by Prince Philip.)

Malala presented Her Majesty with a copy of the book I Am Malala. She presents us with the challenge of helping to see that all girls have the opportunity for education. Education is the great liberator, of course.

Through circumstances and personality, Malala has already changed he world. I can hardly wait to see what more good she will accomplish.

What Will You Accomplish?

You do not need to be shot in the head to do your part to change the world. You no longer have the excuse that one person can do nothing. I have shown you over and over again in the blog that one person can changed the world. When will you begin? What will you do? Who will you be?

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