Whether He Actually Existed Or Not -Jesus Of Nazareth – Changed the World

Peculiar Way To Begin

“Whether he existed or not” … is a peculiar way to start a blog on how one person can and did change the world. But there really is no objectiveJesus evidence that Jesus of Nazareth actually existed. Yes, there is mention of a person name Jesus in the works of a historian named Josephus. Yes, Roman senator and historian Tacitus wrote of the crucifixion of Jesus in the Annals, a history of the Roman Empire during the first century. But these are considered  subjective references because there is no corroborating evidence.

Avatar of God

I believe that Jesus of Nazareth did exist (subjective) and was an avatar of what we sometimes name God. Many of us know what avatars are these days, from their use on the World Wide Web in games and as stand-ins for personal pictures on websites and the like.

An avatar directly represents a person but is not the person. As avatars these images or figures may even have a very similar significance to the original. In other words, loosely speaking, these avatars may have similar powers to the originals.

These powers were gifted to Jesus.

By the way, if Jesus of Nazareth did actually exist, his name would have been Jesus bar Joseph, or Jesus ben Joseph, after his father who was supposed to be Joseph. That’s how it was done in those days.

Never Traveled Far

He never went beyond 100 miles of his hometown, Nazareth. He probably never went to Egypt with his parents as the “slaughter of the innocents” as portrayed in the New Testament never occurred. Yes, it occurred in Egypt centuries before and was portrayed by some biblical writers as happening again to give Jesus’ life and meaning even more legitimacy.

He never raised an army or navy. He never ran for or ever held public office. Yet he changed the world. With the force of his personality and what he represented in himself, he changed the way many, many people look at themselves even to this day.

He Was Executed

Because he spoke against the local powers that were in his day, he was executed through a mock trial. He was examined and no crime was found in him, save what his enemies said he said and represented what they said he represented.

It was said that he rose from the dead and went to heaven. In fact, what actually happened to his body is not known. First, we really do not know if he ever lived, for sure. Second, if he lived then where is he buried? (There are two burials places “listed” as the place of his interment.)

Following the custom of the day, his body would have been thrown into a pauper’s grave along with many other bodies being disposed of on that day. If his bones existed, they would be mixed up with the bones of many others. If he was lucky enough to be buried with family, the dried out bones would be moved farther and farther back in the family grave as newly deceased family members’ bones were placed in the common grave.

So the Myths and Legends Grew

One such myth was that he ascended to heaven 40 days after arising from the dead. He was exalted. Giving more credence to the idea of his saving ability. All this to “show” that he was The Son of God.

As Son of God he had the power to forgive sins as those of his time and centuries after have gifted him with. He could make the world right again. Those who walked in darkness had seen a great light in him. People could be born again in his name and love.

Whatever Else He Was or Was Not

By the forcefulness of his personality, the way he stood up to the intrenched people and ideas of his day, he set in motion a new way of thinking for the Western hemisphere of this earth.

His ideas of love first caused a revolution that is still having an effect today.

I believe he was an avatar of God showing what love really is – the acceptance of all, the unconditional regard for another. I believe he was a profoundly advanced soul who reincarnated back on Earth to show a different way. He probably knew his earthly end would not be pain-free, knew he would be despised and rejected by some.

Yet he voluntarily came to Earth to be what he was and to give what he gave. When his earthly life was ended, his spirit return to the space between incarnations. To live there forever as a most advanced soul. Or to live there forever, in spirit, unless he chose, once again, to incarnate on Earth and help his fellow souls advanced toward enlightenment.

We Are All Sons and Daughters of God

We are the very stuff of which Jesus was “made.” We are spirit of the Spirit; we are all One. The only difference between us and Jesus in the advancement of our souls. We reincarnate countless times over eons of time to advance toward enlightenment and the understanding of God.

This is what Jesus did for us above all else. He showed us all “where” we might be as we advanced our souls toward enlightenment. He climbed the mountain, so to speak, before us, showing us it can be done. We need only follow in his path. One person changed the world. One person changed your life. Will you carry on?

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