Mork – Robin Williams – Changed the World All by Himself

One day a very strange and funny man burst onto the scene. He played an alien named “Mork,” from the planet “Ork.” Had he been an actual alien, he would have changed the world just by showing up.

But Mork was Robin Williams in disguise. The comic scene in America and around the world changed in the instant he was Robin Williamsrecognized as the comic genius he was. That comic genius changed the world. He changed my life for sure.

It may be strange to others, but my favorite role Robin played was the physician “Patch” Adams. That movie showed me that there could be humor and laughter in the healing people. I spent the 40 years of my career trying to help people lead happier lives. But until I saw the movie “Patch Adams,” I never realized what humor and laughter could do for those who were suffering in any way.

The movie changed my life and, therefore, I hope, the lives of many others. If this is so, then Robin Williams changed the world, all by himself.

Now Robin is gone from our lives. His legacy, as long as recordings of his hijinks and fun last, will live on and on. He changed the world during his lifetime and he will continue to do so as long as people can laugh.

It is a tragedy that he completed suicide. I, for just one, would have gladly challenged him to stay with us just to make me laugh one more time. Just to make the millions laugh one more time.

You see, you don’t have to be in a certain profession or job to change the world. You just have to be you – with all the gifts and talents that you already possess. You just have to use them in the service of your sibling human beings and you will change the world, too.

Rest in peace, Robin Williams, millions of us will miss you dearly.


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